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Selfiestick Bluetooth Zoom Goodis

ref: 5578055 (black)


Selfiestick Bluetooth Zoom Goodis

Compatible with Smartphones; Extensible up to 100 cm; Bluetooth and zoom; Stainless and gray.
This self-stick, compatible with most IOS and Android smartphones, is light and compact, ideal for carrying and not miss the opportunity to take a selfie. The connection is made through bluetooth so you do not have to worry about anything, just press the button on the selfie stick. You can also zoom to get more definition in your self. The cable is extendable up to 100 cm.

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Photo and Video Selfiestick;
Compatible with most IOS and Android smartphones;
Lightweight and compact;
Bluetooth with zoom;
Ideal for adventure.


cable length 30-100


Plastic and Metal