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Minidisplay Port-HDMI Adaptor 1.1

ref: 5900366 (white)


Minidisplay Port-HDMI Adaptor 1.1

Minidisplay Port-HDMI Adaptor 1.1
With this GOODIS adapter stream audio and video from MiniDisplayPort to HDMI. It is ideal for connecting laptops or tablets to a TV, monitor or projector with HDMI. The MiniDisplayPort input is 1.1A and the HDMI output with 10.2 Gbps high speed . This adapter is 15 cm long and supports 1080p HDMI (FullHD) video resolution at225Mhz / 2.25 Gbps per channel. A separate HDMI cable is required.

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MacBook 12", MacBook 13.3", Mac 14.1", Mac 15.6"

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Color: white
Typology: Adapter Cable
Connection Type: Female-Male
Compatibility: All devices with MiniDisplayPort
Cable Length: 15cm