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Powerbank Rave 8000 mAh White

ref: 6526444 (white)


Powerbank Rave 8000 mAh White

The Powerbank RAVE 8000mAh was developed for you. With an elegant and highly enhanced design, this power bank will make all your concerns regarding charging your device go away.
The Goodis Rave Power Bank portable battery of gray color features ultra-thin structure for easy transport. Ideal for nocturnal adventures in nature, it integrates bright LED flashlight to always find its way. The two built-in USB 2.1 ports provide broad compatibility with most mobile battery devices such as mobile phones, tablets or MP3 players. The 8000mAh lithium-polymer battery allows for lighter construction than most mobile device batteries and holds the charge for longer so you always have a way to recharge your devices wherever you go. Also note the LED indicator, which tells you about the battery status so you never get caught off guard.

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Micro USB Cable

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USB port;
Power supply;
8000 mAh;
Voltage 5 V;
LED Indicator;
Flashlight Function;
Overload protection.