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Home and Travel Charger 2*USB 5V-3.4A TYPE C White

ref: 6524059 (white)


Home and Travel Charger 2*USB 5V-3.4A TYPE C White

This white Goodis Home or Travel Charger Dual USB 3.4A includes a USB-C cable for charging and syncing. Adding a USB 2.0 port and USB-C port, the Goodis Home or Travel Charger 2XUSB 3.4A is thus a 5V - 3.4A output charger that provides intelligent power management.
This GOODIS quick charge kit consists of a home charger and a 1 meter long USB-C cable. The charger has 1 5V-3.0A fast charge USB-C input and an extra USB port for standard device charging with a maximum output of 5V-2.4A. UBS-C bi-directional charging and synchronization cable supports data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps. The kit features a sleek modern design with a glossy finish.

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In the box

  • USB-C Cable Included


  • E-book Reader
  • USB-C Devices
  • Tablet 7"
  • Tablet 8.4"
  • Tablet 9.7"
  • Tablet 10.5"
  • Tablet 12"
  • Hard Disk 2.5"
  • MP3/4


  • Travel adapter compatible with devices with USB-C port
  • USB 20 port + USB-C port
  • 5V - 34A
  • Included USB-C cable 1 meter long for charging and synchronization