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Selfie Sticks

I can’t take photos on my Smartphone with the selfie stick’s shutter button. What should I do?
  • Make sure that the selfie stick cable is correctly inserted into the headphone port on your Smartphone. If your Smartphone has a cover, take it off and try connecting again.
  • Try connecting the selfie stick to another Smartphone to check that it is working correctly.
  • Check to see whether the buttons on the side of the Smartphone are being pushed by the stick. Adjust the stick again, if necessary.
  • Check whether the button in the rubber sleeve is in contact with the shutter actuation microswitch beneath it. If they are not aligned, carefully turn the rubber sleeve until the two come into contact.
  • If you are having problems with an Android cell phone, refer to the section of the manual for Android cell phones.
    Check which Smartphone OS version you have and make sure that it complies with the minimum requirements indicated.


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